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For my know how

I have worked in both education and technology for far longer than I care to remember. I have been a teacher, then a software developer and startup founder (edtech, comedy & software agency twice) and then a teacher again and this gives me a fairly unique perspective.

If you are a tech business looking to understand education more or an education institution or educator looking to understand technology more get in touch.



To develop a mobile app

I am an iOS app developer, general purpose mobile & web developer based near Birmingham in the UK but often found in the cafes of East London. I make usable and effective mobile, web and desktop software products e.g. iPhone and iPad apps, android apps etc. I also make mobile and casual games and love tinkering with new technology like iBeacons and Apple Watch. See my portfolio for some examples.

I particularly like working with startup’s and end up building quite a lot of both MVPs as well as more fully featured apps for funded startups.

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