Hello! Welcome to my web site.

I’m an app developer and startup co-founder with a big interest in education technology and computing education.

I am also a primary school teacher and chair of governors.

App Developer

I have been building mobile apps since 2008 and can design & build for iOS, Android and the web. Some apps have been very simple one page apps, others have been very large or complex projects using cutting edge tech such as augmented reality and machine learning.

I have built apps within education, games and social media for clients from multi-nationals to startups.

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I am co-founder and CEO of EdShed, an edtech company that makes Spelling Shed, MathShed, Phonics Shed and QuizShed. We reach nearly 20 million learners in over 150 countries and have had a #1 app in 22 countries.

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How to level-up any lesson with game mechanics

This article was published in the UKEdMag E-Zine March 2014 HERE With the advent of the new national curriculum and its new emphasis on computing there has never been so much focus on technology in the classroom. In particular there has been a huge surge in tools to... read more

Passwords are like underpants

Passwords are like underpants. You need them everywhere. Make sure you change them often. It’s important that you care. Never get them out in public. Never share them with a friend. Make sure you don’t forget them. Or your fun will surely... read more

Using dabs and cats to teach maths

As part of a series of lessons on shape and angles with year 6 I taught a lesson on drawing 2D shapes with given angles and side lengths. We had previously struggled with using protractors LOTS but this lesson was a bit of a tying-it-all-together lesson at the end of... read more

Using Erase All Kittens With Year 6

In the last week of my first school experience block I had a spare computing lesson with my year 6 class and free choice of activity. The class have a reasonably good level of computing and we have just finished a block of Espresso Coding so I wanted something that... read more

What should every maths lesson include?

I’m in the middle (well, quite near the beginning really) of a specialist maths primary PGCE at the University of Worcester. This means we get all the usual primary stuff plus some extra “special maths”. There are some differences in how our school... read more

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I am a primary teacher (maths specialist) & I am Chair of Governors at a Primary School. I have been involved with the Computing at School since 2012 and hold the BCS Certificate in Primary Computing Teaching.


I have a PhD in NMR (medicine with quantum mechanics) as well as a degree in biochemistry (Publications). I can program in JavaScript, Objective C & Swift with bits of others. I am also trying to get computer science into primary schools and later.

Startup founder

I am a cofounder of an EdTech startup called Zammer and a comedy startup called Howler. I also founded two digital agencies. I am a mentor for Oxygen Accelerator and Emerge Venture Lab and I advise a few startups.

App Developer

I design and build mobile apps for iOS, Android and the web.
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