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I’m a trainee primary teacher and primary chair of governors with a big interest in education technology and computing education. I am also an app developer and startup co-founder.


I am a co-founder of Zammer, a practice and revision platform for schools and individuals.

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I am a cofounder of Howler, a collaborative joke writing platform.

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Burning my bridges

I wrote this as part of a new “About Me” page but I decided it warranted post status. I grew up and went to school in the town where I still live; Bewdley in Worcestershire. I have always found pretty much everything fascinating and had a real drive to... read more

Cloning for dummies

Many moons ago (2003) I did a PGCE in secondary science, most of which seemed to be teaching sex education every other week. There were many lows and a few highs, one of which was a particular lesson that I did based on my degree (biochemistry). More recently I... read more

How to land that dream teaching job

I’ll start with a bit of context. I did a secondary PGCE when I was somewhat younger. I have since run companies through which I have hired around 50 people over the years. I’ve also been a primary school governor for six years including two years as chair... read more

Five things I tell every startup

I do a lot of things to do with startups – we have a bunch of mobile startup clients at TBC Digital and I mentor on Oxygen accelerator plus others for a couple of touch points. This means I talk to a lot of startup founders and I say the a lot of the same things... read more

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I am a trainee primary teacher (maths specialist) & I am Chair of Governors at a Primary School. I have been involved with the Computing at School since 2012 and am currently working towards the BCS Certificate in Primary Computing Teaching.


I have a PhD in NMR (medicine with quantum mechanics) as well as a degree in biochemistry (Publications). I can program in PHP, JavaScript, Objective C & Swift with bits of others. I am also trying to get computer science into primary schools and later.

Startup founder

I am a cofounder of an EdTech startup called Zammer and a comedy startup called Howler. I also founded two digital agencies. I am a mentor for Oxygen Accelerator and Emerge Venture Lab and I advise a few startups.

App Developer

I design and build my own mobile apps. I don’t build apps for other people any more.
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